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Body Tattoos


Tattoo B Gon has the most advanced laser for the removal of tattoos. It can selectively treat tattoo ink or pigment without damaging the surrounding skin. 


How much does it cost?
Pricing starts at $110 treatment and can go up based on size. For most accurate pricing it is best to call our office for a consultation.


How does it work?
The laser light attracts to the pigment in the ink to selectively heat it up and break it down. Your body is then able to reabsorb and excrete it naturally over the coming weeks. Because it uses a process called selective photothermolysis, it does not damage the surrounding tissue.  In addition we use the latest techonology of a Cooling Treatmant during the process.


How many treatments does it take?
Tattoo removal on average takes 4 - 6 treatments and may take more depending on how deeply the ink was put in when the tattoo was done. We do treatments every 6 weeks to allow for the reabsorption process to take place as well as decrease any risk of scaring.


It is important to keep the area protected from the sun for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after each treatment.


Are there any colors that won’t respond to treatment?
All colors can be removed, however, greens and blues are more difficult than black.


Can I use the laser to lighten my tattoo so my tattoo artist can recover it?
Yes. That is a common request. The procedure is the exact same except that it does not take as many treatments.


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